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1.Confirm all below information with vendor and input booking form to airline:
Shipper, consignee, airport of departure, airport of destination, flight date, airline, package,
gross weight, measurement and rate.
If the cargo is packed by pallet, it is required to provide the length, width, height of the palletbecause of the pallet’s measurement of cargo aircraft. The length of all the board can not exceed 3.0m, the height of the low board can not exceed 1.6m, the height of the middle board can not exceed 2.3m.
If the measurement is exceed the above figure, then the cargo only can be stuffed in 20 inch board.It can not be stuffed in passenger plane and only in cargo aircraft. Here have a problem, for South American line and African line, most airline’s second leg service is by passenger plane. It can not transit large cargo.
2. Document
The declaration documents must have: A.declaration form, B. Foreign Exchange Receipt Certificate; C. Customs power of attorney; D. Invoice, E. Packing list.
The latest time to truck the cargo to airport is 14:00 of the day advanced oned day of the departure day, because the customs require to input the declaration datas in the systme within 14:30. If declaration date and departure date is the same day, then the cargo is required to delivered within 9:00. If departure time is after 21:00, then the cargo is required to delivered to airport within 13:00. Sometimes in emergency, declaration documents arrive at the airport,
and the cargo not arrive in time, then we can do advanced, but the weight discrepancy can not exceed 3%, or it will affect to deliver. Then the cargo is required to send to the warehouse 6 hours ahead of departure time.
4. Security inspection
After the customs declaration have been done, cargo is delivered to logistic station. All the documents are required to provide, including General Chemicals Identification or DGN, Fact Sheet, MSDS if the cargo is chemical cargo. Current the liquid is not accepted by airline becausethe liquid flammable and leaks. Then the cargo will be done selective examination and customs security inspection.
5. to pack into board
 Low board limited : 4.5T (4500kg) , measurement limited : 12M3
Middle board limited :
4.8T (4800kg or 6000kg), measurement limited :14-15M3
High board limited : 6.5T(6500kg) , measurement limited :18M3
The board’s weight is between 800kg to 1300kg, measurement limited: 3M3 
6. documents for destination customs
In air shipment, all documents are sent with the cargo. There are Invoice, Packing List, Certificate of Original, Fumigation Certificate.
7. HAWB and MAWB
Mawb is issued by air line and destination customer is final consignee.
Hawb is issued by forwarder and destination is forwarder’s agent

↑:Formula for calculating air cargo rate ↓:no

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