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Shenzhen customs declaration procedure
The Shenzhen Customs subsidiary a total of five front-line Customs: Dapeng Customs, Shekou Customs, Customs Man Kam To, Huanggang Customs, Customs Sha Tau Kok, which ShekouCustoms following several terminals; the SCT (SHEKOU), Chiwan and Mawan, East Point headCustoms (imported terminal). Trailer land crossings: Man Kam To, Huanggang, Sha Tau Kok.
         Customs is the unit in charge of customs clearance company, customs broker act as a agent to assist the customers to declarate. (a lot of factories and foreign trade companies have the right of self-declaration) import and export goods. Customs other basic functions include: regulation, taxation, statistics, anti-smuggling.
    The Shenzhen Customs divided front-line Customs and second-line Customs. The front-line Customs refers to the Customs declaration after direct exit. Second-line Customs refers to declare by the front-line Customs Customs declaration to export.
    Export declaration required customs information       
    1. General trade customs declaration information required:
    1) declaration orders
    2) declaration form (in duplicate, to cover customs seal, and some goods into a customs warehouse need official seal)
3) storage (a) positions in the power of attorney if LCL cargo.
4) packing list
5) invoice
6) original sales contract (Note valid and enterprise code and trade terms, it need to provide trading price when the terms of trade are the CIF or C& F)
   7). Verification Form
   8) other necessary certificates, such as customs commodity inspection, phytosanitary, licenses, quotas, and others
   9) full container paper (some shipping companies need, including Yantian, part of the shipping companies of Shekou, such as the MSC, but some shipping companies do not)
    2. Customs manual declaration
   If you do for the foreign-funded enterprises, processing or feed processing manual declaration + Verification Form.
    3. Customs transmit declaration
1)customs transmit paper and customs release stamp
2)export declarations form
    3). full container paper (Some shipping companies require, some shipping companies do not need)
4)book of transmit
 4. General declaratiion
An export declaration process
   1 General trade
    1)check EDI manifests to know if full container is back to the terminal.
   2 ) to the shipping company get a number (if barge, ask the shipping company to confirm the name of the vessel)
   3 ) input datas (the customs broke must be networked with the Customs declaration line can input )
   4 ) check verification form, Vessel Voyage information, after it have been confirmed and sent to customs center trial.
   5 ) center trial send receipt, print declaration
   6 ) despatch declaration
   7 ) release (receive the customs release note)
    8 ) sent the customs release note to terminal
 2. Transit declaration process
    1) check documents
    2 ) input datas
    3 ) check EDI manifests
    4 ) despatch
   5 ) release
   6 ) to send the release note to terminal
   Keys before declarating :
   1 ) description of the goods
   2 ) the texture of the goods
3 ) cargo box number
4 ) cargo net and gross
    5 ) destination country
6 ) the specifications of the goods and the size and brand.
      7 ) loading port
Customs work time:
Shenzhen Customs are the the Dapeng Customs, Shekou Customs, Customs Man Kam To, Huanggang Customs, Sungang Customs:
   1. The port customs declaration jobs time
    The Dapeng Customs, Shekou Customs, Sungang Customs work from 9:00 to 17:00, inSaturday and Sunday arrange duty. Yantian and Shekou Container 24-hour access. TheSungang’s opening time from 8:00 to 17:00, the time of cargo receipt can be a little later.
   Then Man Kam To Customs Time from 9:00 to 17::00, Man Kam To border crossing time to 22:00.
   The Huanggang Customs Time from 9:30 to 21:00.
    2. Various ports operating hours.
   The Dapeng Customs, Shekou Customs Sungang Customs operating hours approximately half a day. In case of inspecting container, plus a day. That is the normal case, the declaration should be set aside two days. Also note that rainy day do not check counters.The Man Kam To, Huanggang customs clearance is approximately 1 hour.
    1 )The Man Kam can three days in advance to do clearance.
    2 ) For the Huanggang, quantity of the commodity inspection and customs must be consistent.
  Explaination for below word :
    1) Retreat CY : container entered into container yard but do not do declaration, may request the exit.
2 ) withdraw declaration : Container have been done declaration, but do not load, may request the withdrawal of the customs.
3 ) Change the name of the vessel: the container do not been declarated with original vessel, may request to change vessel name.
Ningbo customs declaration procedure
1. Making delaration datas and send EDI to customs.
2. Print the declaration paper.
3. Filing declaration declaration form and other related documents in order
declaration order, invoice, packing list, dock receipt, and verification form
4 Declaration form signed, stamped and writed telephone No.
5 Put declaration forms with same Vessel, Voyage into a declaration bags.
6 EDI system sent all datas and inspect .Then the system show the job in which window, declarants print and deliver to the window with other related documents.
7. Checking if the cargo is released in the systerm terminal.
8. If yes, get back rock receipt and verification sheet, others documents is send to customs for record.
9. Drawback form of customs declaration and exchanged settlement paper are printed, then the procecure is complete.

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