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Venezuela import documents
- Invoice without erasures or corrections.
- The natural or legal person must be registered in the commercial register of his address and his own copy of commercial register.
- Must have the RIF ( Tax ID) issued by the SENIAT (National Integrated Tax Administration).
- Must grant the power of attorney in favor of his broker, for who will represent him at customs, letterhead on stationery with wet seal.
- Photocopy of the identity card of who grants the power.
- The power of attorney should be introduced in Customs by which to process the import
for competent authorities for validation.
- If imported products are bought with offical dollares,the importer must have proccessed his request previously before CADIVI and send to his custom agent the respective foreign exchange authorization for process the import by the staff of CADIVI to perform a relative inspection.
- Likewise, must send a photocopy of RIF to the custom agent.
The IVA for most of the imported products in Venezuela is 14%, plus 1% for services to SENIAT customs. In any case, the tariff varies according to tariff code of goods or products.

In relation to the requirements for mandatory reporting of domestic manufacturers and importers of clothing (textile), it must be before SENCAMER (National Autonomous Standardization, Quality, Metrology and Technical Regulations).
Minimum content for labels are:
- Trademark Product
- Name of the importer or domestic manufacturer
- List of Product Components
- Instructions on care of textile garment
- Product size Castilian language and / or decimal metric system
- Caption: Made in ... (Venezuela or country)
- Number RIF
- Registration number SENCAMER
Documents for import customs of Mexico
1.For Mexica inland services, carriers provide three ways for the customers :
a.by rail
b.by rail / truck to door
c.all by truck to door
Mode of transport is required to show in booking and BL.
2.If wood packing cargo is required to do fumigation.
3. Mark, cargo name, gross weight, cbm of HBL and MBL must be consistent
4.Mexico customs accept telex release
5. Must provide a commercial invoice and need to descript both in English and Spanish , if in other languages, the express ​​will be returned to the origin by receiver pays way.
6. Invoice Description: Customs does not accept vague description, such as "Parts", "Samples", "Gift", "Part" or "Model Numbers", etc.. Do not accept handwritten document, require to print originals. And the sender must print a reasonable market quotations.
7.Penalties: undervalued, the sample does not undermine treatment, the express actual number does not match the number of the invoice will be punished.
8. value: declare the value of the currency must be in U.S. dollars, the terms of other currencies declaration will lead to clearance delays and the cargo which need for formal clearance declared if value of more than $ 1000. It will be extended by the customs clearance time.
9. Sample: clothing samples, textile samples and shoes samples are restricted items must destroy; for food (including as a raw material of various derivatives) and cream, must provide import clearance documents; strict restrictions on electronic equipment and sample imports, need to provide import licenses, customs clearance takes about two weeks.
If you comply with this provision, the cargo clearance will be delayed or be punished.
10. Mexico customs require to do AMS.


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