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Delivering container procedure 
After the driver parked his truck in the parking area of the terminal , he use the Shipping Order to print a Equipment Interchange Receipt issued by terminal office. In this paper, it is showed container No., container type, truck license, the place of the empty container and so on. Then the driver can enter and truck the empty container. Remember the door of the container is back front. Then the container is inspected and the terminal prints a gateway paper and gives him a seal, after this, the truck can leave. In the process, there are a few points to note :
1.The CY ( container yard ) of delivering the empty container is not as same as the CY which returning the full container. Then it will cost extra charges.
2.Here have a opening date and a closing date for trucking. We need truck and return the container within this period.
3.In the Yangshan port Shanghai, the full container is trucked to the terminal after the customs is been done.
Bonded warehouse and customs supervised warehouse
The imported goods is taxed Customs Duties, Value Added Tax and Consumption tax. And the boned warehouse is not taxed the above three taxes temporary.
Bonded warehouse is approved customs to store bonded cargo and other cargoes which do not finish the customs procedure.
Which goods can enter the warehouse?
(1) processing trade imported goods;
(2) re-exports;
(3) the supply of international ships and aircraft fuel, materials and repair parts; (specific bonded warehouse)
(4) for the maintenance of foreign products imported consignment of spare parts; (specific bonded warehouse)
   (5) foreign temporary storage of goods;
   (6) ordinary trade goods that have not gone through customs procedures;
   (7) other goods that have not gone through customs procedures approved by the Customs.
What is export       supervised warehouse?
which refer to the dedicated warehouse has finished all the export customs formalities of the goods , and its storage has been received export licenses or documents in accordance with the regulations with foreign exchange settlement. Export supervised warehouse now have warehousing functionality that rebate. That warehousing that is deemed to have been exported (export can rebate).
5, What are the similarities and differences of these two warehouse?
The same point: are customs supervision warehouse
Different point: bonded warehouse used to store imported bonded goods, generally do not store the export of goods; if you want to export through the bonded zone, is treated in accordance with the ordinary trade, do not have export tax rebate function. Of course, when it need to use as some imported parts re simple processing or change the packaging or mixed, can also act as a role in some imports are not taxed.
 Export supervised warehouse used to store the goods for end export procedures, in general, it do not store imported goods. 

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