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To strengthen their intra-Asia networks, CSCL, UASC and OOCL have reached an agreement to exchange slots on two intra-Asia services, covering Japan, China, Thailand and Vietnam from the end of November.
CSCL and UASC will take slots on the OOCL's KTX 2 service, branding it CTJ 1 and IAC-2 respectively, while OOCL will take slots on a service jointly operated by CSCL and UASC that connects China, Thailand and Vietnam, branded CHL 2 by OOCL. 
The CHL 2 will replace CSCL and UASC's existing China-Thailand-Japan joint service (CTJ/IAC-1) that was commenced in March 2012. As a result, CSCL and UASC will shift their Japanese calls to OOCL's KTX 2 service, reports Alphaliner. 
It pointed out that CSCL and UASC are also engaged in a wide scale cooperation involving, in particular, the Far East-Europe, the Far East-Middle East and the Asia-US trades. 
The port rotation of the KTX 2 (CTJ 1/IAC-2) is Osaka, Kobe, Tokyo, Yokohama, Hong Kong, Laem Chabang, Shenzhen-Shekou, Hong Kong, Xiamen and back to Osaka. The service turns in three weeks.
The KTX 2 is operated by three 2,700-4,500 TEU ships, all of which are operated by OOCL. 
The CHL 2 (CTJ/IAC-1) service calls at Shanghai, Ningbo, Shenzhen-Shekou, Laem Chabang, Ho Chi Minh City, Guanzhou-Nansha, Hong Kong and back to Shanghai. 
This service uses three 2,500 TEU ships, of which two are operated by CSCL and one ship is provided by UASC. The service turns in three weeks, according to the Shipping Gazette.  

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