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According to "China Industrial Network Security Guide" October 11 Information: Recently, the EU RAPEX system released the 2013 report of the first 37 weeks of quality and safety, there are seven cases of plastic Chinese-made electric toy products have been notified, informed of reasons including small objects easy to cause suffocation, battery chemical risks and plasticizer exceeded. Up to now, the European Union Bulletin destroyed, forcing the evacuation market, to prohibit the sale of Chinese-made toys (including baby supplies) products totaled 252 cases, accounting for 78% of all toys (including baby supplies) products have been informed of the EU total, accounting for 32% of our products have been notified of the total, product quality is not optimistic. Meanwhile, labor and material costs by increasing the RMB exchange rate has continued to rise, and international trade and technical barriers to the harsh effects of my toy export enterprises are facing tough technical and market pressures.  

↑:CSCL, UASC and OOCL to exchange slots on two intra-Asia services ↓:no

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